A Game of Crowns (2013)

A Game of Crowns was a series of linked, playable installations for Kensington Palace’s Christmas season.

We collaborated with 815Agency, Havelock 11 and East London Kinetics to create a set of games that reflected their very royal surroundings, while inviting visitors to be playful.

Frames invited players to insert themselves into historical paintings, using  ingenuity and some slightly bewildering props.

Bowing was a game of memory and dexterity that took place as players bowed and curtseyed to the giant portrait of the King.

Hearts bid players to approach a spinning table, and to collect points by putting a finger down at just the right moment.


Fruits was a puzzle game about arranging a tower of fruit in the best possible way to please the king.

Dancing was a stately procession game for two players and a huge golden clock.

At the end of the games, players were invited to take their place on the game’s beautiful throne, after choosing a title for themselves (the Daring Duke of Kensington Palace! The All-Powerful Queen of Ice and Snow?). East London Kinetics wrote a wonderful blog about the development of the talking throne.


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