Last Will (2008)

Last Will was an experimental  prototype created with Punchdrunk, HP Labs and Seeper. Players worked in pairs to solve a series of Myst-style puzzles – with the twist that one player was in a physical series of rooms, and the other was in their 3D virtual equivalent. Sensors and actuation technology linked the two spaces.

Last Will from Hide&Seek on Vimeo.

Part computer game, part installation, Last Will was an operatic evocation of the memories of a dying man. Captain Thomas R Madigan had lived a dissolute and highly successful life, and invited anyone who desired his posthumous treasures to enter,  unlock his secrets and escape the house. 

Madigan’s rooms were open in a secret location in Central London from 25 October – 2 November 2008.

Last Will was the result of a three-month collaborative R&D process. Last Will was presented with support from Arts Council England, the Technology Strategy Board and the Jerwood Charitable Trust.


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