Fabulous Beasts is out there

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It’s been a fairly breathless few weeks. Elies, George, Tim, Lyall, Chris and I finished prototyping Fabulous Beasts on a Friday, and by Sunday I was showing the game to friends in San Francisco at Game Developer’s Conference. GDC was extraordinary – I’ve come back with a handful of exciting opportunities to develop the game,… Read more »

The value of inspiration: notes on kickstarting App Store projects

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My father-in-law, who is in his eighties and an absurdly successful entrepreneur, was trying to get his head around Kickstarter. The conversation went something like this:  “So – you say you’re going to make a game, and then people give you money to do it? And in return, they get a copy of the game… Read more »

Notes on the Playful City

I’ve spent the last three days in Amsterdam as a guest of the Asia-Europe Minister Network (ASEM) talking with a group of game designers & artists about what a Playful City might be. The team at Watershed have been successfully exploring this idea of playable cities for a couple of years now and it’s an… Read more »

Fallow periods

flickr credit: Shaun Nystrand

In November, I’ll be starting some new projects. It’s the first serious work I’ve done since closing Hide&Seek in January. As a parent of 2 children, I’ve definitely been busy, and have kept working on a bunch of small consultancy projects, but for the most part I’ve been the privileged position of doing nothing at… Read more »