This is a catalogue of all the projects I’m working as an independent designer, and a selected list of projects I led at Hide&Seek. Hide&Seek shipped about forty games in its lifetime; I’ve picked out the ones that feel most personal.

Fabulous Beasts


I’m collaborating with Dr Elies DeKoninck  and a small team including George Buckenham on an experimental prototype for a new game. The R&D is happening as part of the Play Sandbox scheme, funded by the REACT Knowledge Exchange Hub for the Creative Economy. Fabulous Beasts is a physical / digital hybrid game for 2 players. The physical… Read more »

A Game of Crowns (2013)


A Game of Crowns was a series of linked, playable installations for Kensington Palace’s Christmas season. We collaborated with 815Agency, Havelock 11 and East London Kinetics to create a set of games that reflected their very royal surroundings, while inviting visitors to be playful. Frames invited players to insert themselves into historical paintings, using  ingenuity and some slightly bewildering… Read more »

Searchlight (2012)


Searchlight is a co-operative, physical game for two players, created with Linden Vongsathorn for the Hide&Seek Weekender 2012. Though it’s a physical game, played with wooden blocks and balls, it’s facilitated through technology: a Kinect and a projector, connected to a computer. Two players work together to pick up objects that have been placed around… Read more »

The Building Is… (2012)


The Building Is…was a series of physical games centred around the idea of a sentient building being brought to life by its playful inhabitants. It was created as part of the Joue Le Jeu exhibition which aimed to showcase “new forms of games that are at the heart of the emerging golden age of creative game design” in… Read more »

Hinterland (2011)


Hinterland is a game that turns into a poem. Hinterland was a collaboration with technologist Tom Armitage and performance poet Ross Sutherland. Initially workshopped in a week-long residency at Battersea Arts Centre, Hinterland was presented for the first time at Forest Fringe, Edinburgh between 15 – 27 August, 2011. Hinterland was a game about language and… Read more »

Last Will (2008)


Last Will was an experimental  prototype created with Punchdrunk, HP Labs and Seeper. Players worked in pairs to solve a series of Myst-style puzzles – with the twist that one player was in a physical series of rooms, and the other was in their 3D virtual equivalent. Sensors and actuation technology linked the two spaces…. Read more »

The Eternity Man (2008)


I developed & produced this TV film opera project from its initial form as a stage work, secured prestigious punk talent Julien Temple as director, managed both script and score development, and oversaw production through a shoot on the streets of Sydney and on to final mix. The film had a world-wide viewing audience of… Read more »